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The starting point for the establishment of Europarallel was the accession of ten new countries from Central and East Europe to the European Union as full member states, on May 1st, 2004. With the effective enlargement of EU, the main principle of free movement of goods was extended to all the new members of EU, allowing for potential savings on existing cases of price discrimination between member states.

We started operating in 2004, focusing on wholesale distribution and export of pharmaceuticals. After the first period of development in the Baltics, International Expansion with the establishment of local organizations initiated in 2008 - first in the Czech Republic, then in Poland and Hungary in 2009, Slovakia in 2010, Bulgaria in 2011 and Croatia in 2014.

Today, trusted by all major EU importers, we have developed strong relations with numerous key wholesale companies in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, as well as other EU and non-EU countries. We already export to United Arab Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

Now we are able to offer for our clients a wide range of products (branded and generic pharmaceuticals and medical devices), with competitive prices and fully organized logistics.

The vast majority of our team of experts has a medical or pharmaceutical background. It allows us to participate in the distribution and export of pharmaceuticals with the highest levels of competence and responsiveness.

Our company enjoyed a strong development in its early years. Young, enthusiastic and innovative people recently joined the company. Today our team comprises of more than 100 collaborators.